About Galves

A Brief History of Galves

Galves Auto Price List was first published in 1957 by M.C. Galves Inc., perhaps oldest automotive wholesale company in the United States. From the time M.C. Galves began doing business in the 1920s, the company quickly became the focal point of the nation’s largest concentration of wholesale automobile dealers– historic Jerome Ave. in Bronx, NY.

An industry leader, Galves recognized the need for an accurate and reliable price guide to help dealers function effectively in the rapidly expanding marketplace. Beginning with the American & Foreign Cars Editions in 1957, Galves began delivering the most current information weekly via first class mail. Within the next few years, Galves Auto Price List had become the book of choice throughout the Northeast, the country’s largest and most active dealer marketplace.

In 1991 Galves led the exodus of wholesale dealers from Jerome Ave. and helped establish a new dealer complex in Teterboro, NJ. Most of the Jerome Avenue dealers quickly followed Galves to their new home in New Jersey. Today, Galves Auto Price List remains at the heart of the industry and continues to reap the benefits of being located within one of the nations most prominent wholesale markets.

Galves Auto Price List has continued to serve the needs of the industry with the addition of the “Light Duty Trucks Edition” in 1988, the “Older Used Cars and Trucks Edition” in 1993, their website galves.com in 2000, and hanheld applications for Palm & Pocket PC devices in 2004.  As they have for over 50 years now, Galves continues to provide the most accurate and current information in the industry to over 90% of the dealers in the Northeast…. and is also experiencing a growing national presence.


One Response to About Galves

  1. Galves is a fantastic learning guide for purchasing wholesale cars!

    Nice website guys!

    C. H. Buddy Davis

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